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Burak Özen
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How to Build, Structure and Manage a Data Science Team Successfully


Currently, companies have been praising the importance of data on internal business decision making process and investing more in their data teams. …

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Making Sense of Big Data

List of Contents


Word2Vec to Product2Vec — Product Embeddings Generator

Product I: Similar Items Recommender

Product II: Product Taxonomy Expander

Product III: Advanced Content-Based Similar Items Recommender

Product IV: Personalised Items Recommender

Product V: Listing Category Corrector

Product VI: User Interest Classifier

Conclusion — The Big Picture


This is a story of…

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Nowadays, product recommendations are arguably the most important component of an e-commerce website or a mobile application. Companies can easily increase the crucial business metric of Click Through Rate (CTR) on their platform by improving their recommendations. …

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It is very likely that you have come across the concept called ‘Know Your Audience’ once in a while. It is a crucial approach used by most businesses to identify different customer groups and their respective needs. The importance of the concept for a business is all about being capable…

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Learn more about an end-to-end journey of a real-life data science project

Get some modelling tips and key takeaways

See a predictive machine learning model in action


Conversion is one of the most crucial metrics to all kinds of e-business. Although the definition varies across different parts of the industry…

Gradient Boosted Trees (a.k.a GBT) is a commonly used tree-based ML algorithm which works for both regression and classification type of data mining problems. This algorithm has attracted a lot of attention from data science communities because of its success in industrial problems and data mining competition platforms such as…

It is important to learn how a machine learning algorithm works behind the curtains. For a data scientist, it is crucial to wonder about the logic & the math behind these algorithms. However, even with best parameter configuration, using only one ML algorithm on a data mining problem may limit…

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I don’t know if you’re a kind of person who is addicted to a machine learning algorithm and use your favorite one as long as it is applicable to a problem. But, I am that kind of machine learning geek. My favorite algorithm is Random Forest and I have my…

Burak Özen

Head of Data Science at Layer --- Living in Amsterdam --- M. Sc - Machine Learning

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